Welcome to the magical world of ButeFest. A non stop weekend of fun ,family and cracking music the last weekend in July on the mystical and magnificent Isle of Bute…

Join us this year on our wonderful 5th year as a festival ( and on the breathtaking beach no less!) for a a mythical carnival of Scottish spirit with bands, Grub and some cracking shows to entertain and delight every age group.


ButeFest 2019 kicked off with a bang this year as we announced the first of our Artists to grace the hallowed stage!

Big Country…. Do we need to say more? GODS of music.

Lucy Spraggan is a ‘bit’ of a legend. She has been touring and on the festival circuit since 2011 ( if not before) but most of you will probably know her for her awe inspiring stint on X-Factor. Lucy’s music is emotional and inspiring – she is one lass you dont want to miss!

Fallen Arches and The Coaltown Daisies are ButeFest Family. Trust us, if you have somehow missed them playing live, check it out. ( Preferably at our festival…..) 

Hot on the heels of our first announcement came our second burst of musical genius!

Medicine Men, Dogtooth, Gordon James and the Power, Rubian , Seaside Sons and The Hollows… 6 bands that could make a festival themselves. Rock & Roll and some of the best Indie strutting you have ever seen is making its way to the the beach!


Then came the band who EVERYONE adores and gets the whole place bouncing…

Colonel Mustard and the Dijon 5

With more announcements still to come can you really afford not to get yourself along to the experience of the year????