Feb 2019

Hazel ( Rock Goddess… see Jan Post) is trying to keep us all in check while doing the 1574 billion things she needs to do. You can imagine how much fun she’s having right about now!

Hayley and the Bands Team are on FIRE! they have some amazing bands lined up. These will start flowing out to you in the next few months. Its looking like an amazing festival ( our best yet!)

Cathie and the Site Art Team are accidentally dying themselves every colour under the sun and sewing together everything that doesn’t move so they can make the decor amazing for this year! …. Don’t worry if you see her manically waving about a power tool with Shona, its stress relief! 

Greg and the Volunteer Team are working on the Master Action Plan that will allow us to put on this amazing event !

Gayle and the Marketing Team are flinging about neon colours, having a great time and generally annoying people who are trying to do the serious work in the committee.

Shona has the the family area locked down already and, as always, is calm and collected in a way only an experienced festival organiser is!

Murray and the site build team are trying to design the layout and everyone keeps mucking it up…..

and if Duncan hears one more question about toilets …..

Ticket sales are going down a storm and we added a VIP area – How Exciting!

Still no new information on the ButeFest Pirate, the search continues!



Jan 2019

Well ButeFest 2019 has kicked back off again, Our bands team are in full swing sorting out the best musical talent you have ever heard of and the Chairwoman ( who you may also call superwoman or Rock Goddess) is trying to wrangle the rest of us into some sort of order to get moving to bring you the best ButeFest yet to date for our 5th Year Celebration Party!

The challenge is on to hunt down the ButeFest Pirate…