5… unexpected artists

1. The Skys


The Skys are the leading rock band in Lithuania, dropping into ButeFest on their way to an American tour. Yep, the leading rock band in Lithuania, and probably the best know Lithuanian band outside of Lithuania. They’ve won tons of awards and this is your only opportunity to see The Skys live in Scotland. We can’t wait!

The band have released five albums: “Civilized” (1997), “Dreams” (1999), “Postmodern Game” (2004), “Colours of the Desert” (2011) and “Journey through the Skies” (2015).

2. Africa Entsha

Africa Entsha are an accapella group, playing Gospel, Pop and cover songs. Their performances are from the South African oral tradition, sung in gospel style.

Their repertoire includes a wide variety of songs, sung in Zulu or English, including their very personal version of Shakira’s “Waka Waka”. But at the very heart of the show are the Zulu songs, full of rhythm, style and spirit that deeply belong to this ethnic group. Live, Africa Entsha are completely captivating, and by the end of the show, we reckon you’ll be feeling pretty moved.

They’ve also won numerous awards, including “The Spirit Of The Fringe Award” in Edinburgh 2011, 12 & 13,  “The Fringe Review Award” known as Teapot award Brighton Fringe Festival 2013 & 14 also won “Spirit Of The Fringe” award in Buxton Fringe 2013, Best Performer’s “Ethno Jazz Festival” (Chisinau, Moldova) Best Performer’s Trigon Jazz Festival (Kiev,  Ukraine) all in 2012.

3. Bigg Taj Vs Spee Six Nine

Bigg Taj the Superstar Sardar is the original Indian Beatboxer, at the forefront of the Asian hip hop movement. Top 8 in 2015 ,Top 3 in 2014 beatbox championships, Top 4 in 2009 & Top 8 in 2005 Uk beatbox championships.

Consistent for 10 years in his craft, Glasgow born Bigg Taj has been carving a totally unique niche for himself as a beat boxer like no other since stepping up onstage for the first time nearly a decade ago with his unique sounds, beats and turntablist style… all with his mouth. With a captivating live show with indian instruments and hip hop beats. Bigg Taj is definitely not to be missed!

4. JackCity


JackCity is a hiphop artist from Leeds, England. Having gained interest via mixtape releases, he is now set to launch his first studio album entitled “Eleven”. With incredible soulful vocals and clever lyrics, we think we’ll hear a lot more about JackCity in the future.

5. Megan Adams


Megan is best known as on of the ‘Poppy Girls’  at age 10. The group released the Royal British Legion’s Poppy Appeal single in 2013 and they performed live in front of the Queen and the Royal Family, and thousands at the annual Festival of Remembrance. Their single reached number 13 in the UK Official Charts and the girls went on to record a top 30 selling album.

Once the project finished, Megan concentrated on her solo career and in 2014 she released her debut single ‘Travelling Soldier’. The single went to number 1 in the UK & Irish Hotdisc Country Charts, where it remained for 6 weeks and Megan’s re-worked version of the US hit by the Dixie Chicks also earned her an award as the best new-comer artist in the Hotdisc Country Charts.



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